Artwork and herbal creations for home and hearth!

Original artwork, herbal teas, handcrafted candles and bath & body products.

All of our herbal creations are made with natural ingredients, and infused with the magic of plants.

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The Magic of Plants

Since the beginning of time, our lives have been deeply interconnected with plants. We have always depended on plants for food, medicine, clothing and housing. A deep understanding of nature was fundamental to people’s survival and well-being.  Our spiritual connection to plants has led us to incorporate them into ritual and prayer, weaving the energies of plants into the creation of our cultural identities. 

               The spiritual or magical power of plants has been catalogued through centuries of observation and use. Through time and experience, people have assigned specific energies or qualities to certain plants and both ancient and modern cultures have used plants to attract the positive and repel the negative.  People craft amulets, hang poppets or charms, make incenses and perfumes, blend elixirs and potions, and make offerings to deities. From smudging to strewing, people have harnessed the power of plants for protection, health, prosperity, love, wisdom, or any other purpose imaginable.

We have carefully chosen herbs and flowers from our apothecary, and added them to our own luxurious line of products to help you manifest whatever you need most.

Soothe and nourish your body, mind and spirit with the magic of plants.

Custom orders are available. Simply send us a message through the contact page and we will create an herbal blend just for you.

Introducing our new Herbal Sprays Collection!!